2019 Oslo Business for Peace Award Honouree

Alice Laugher - 2019 Oslo Business for Peace Award Honouree

Alice Laugher: CEO of Committed to Good

United Kingdom

Leading a successful global company with social responsibility and gender equality at its core, Alice Laugher is the CEO of Committed to Good (CTG), which provides employment and logistics services to development and relief programmes in fragile and conflict-affected countries. CTG runs Ebola treatment clinics in Liberia and food distribution in Afghanistan and South Sudan. The company also leads projects to monitor and assist refugees in Libya, and rebuilding government constitution in Somalia.  British-born Laugher is a vocal advocate for the Sustainable Development Agenda, with a particular focus on gender equality. CTG is committed to being a force for good and creating economic opportunities for women in war-torn regions through CTG’s initiative Female First, which pledges that 30% of project-related roles are represented by women by 2030.