Navigating Business Challenges: BfP's Chair's thought leadership piece in ITC's 2023 Outlook

We are pleased to share that Per Saxegaard, Executive Chair of the Business for Peace Foundation, has contributed a thought leadership piece to the International Trade Centre’s SME Competitiveness Outlook 2023: Small Businesses in Fragility:
From Survival to Growth

This report, focusing on the impact of conflict and fragility on business performance, introduces a Fragility Exposure Index. It suggests that businesses can reduce the impact of fragility by 25% through reinforcing competitiveness, such as engaging with business support organisations and improving financial management.

Mr. Saxegaard’s thought leadership piece aligns with our Foundation’s ethos, advocating for responsible and ethical business practices. His insights add depth to the report’s findings on enhancing business resilience and sustainability in challenging environments.

This contribution is part of a wider effort by various experts and leaders to illuminate critical issues facing small and medium-sized enterprises globally. The SME Competitiveness Outlook 2023 provides an in-depth analysis and is a key resource for understanding the complex dynamics of the current business world.

The other contributing experts include 2014 Oslo Business for Peace Award Honouree Ouided Bouchamaoui, Assistant Secretary-General and CEO of the United Nations Global Compact Sanda Ojiambo and Gilles Carbonnier, Vice-President of the International Committee of the Red Cross.

To read Mr Saxegaard’s thought leadership piece and to access the full report, please visit the International Trade Centre’s website.

Per Saxegaard's thought leadership piece can be found on page 39 of the report, alongside other distinguished global leaders.